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mercoledì, 19 Giugno 2024

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Border Management & Technologies Summit Asia 18-20 Ottobre

Eventi Partner – Si tiene a Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, tra il 18 ed il 20 Ottobre 2016 il Border Management & Technologies Summit Asia , organizzato da Intelligence Sec

L’evento è organizzato da Intelligence Sec – Il Caffè Geopolitico è media partner 

Asian nations have been developing their borders significantly in the past few years. Many Asian airports now have the latest biometric and passenger naming systems available, however, many nations are still catching up, and with more passengers flying through Asian nation’s development on their borders is critical.

We are pleased to bring our successful Border Management & Technologies Summit to Asia. Our event will focus on the current border management systems in place across Asia-Pacific. Many countries in Asia have separate borders from the mainland, such as islands, which makes it harder to manage the borders.

The maritime environment in Asia is critical and many countries rely on fisheries to generate their country’s GDP. With this in mind surveillance of the maritime domain is an important aspect of border security in Asia. Our event will focus on the challenges of managing coastal borders and tracking migration through the maritime domain.

Border Management & Technologies Summit Asia will also discuss the development of Integrated Border Management (IBM) systems in Asia and review the capabilities of a number of nations in Asia.

Official Partner:       

To take part in our international event either as a speaker, sponsor, exhibitor or as a delegate please contact us at [email protected] or call us on +44 (0)1582 346 706

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